• Establish and verify business goals and objectives
  • Define and confirm target audience or buyer personas
  • Identify where to find your ideal customer
  • Provide metrics to measure ROI

Signature Offering

Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan

I help businesses develop marketing strategies that align with their growth goals. We collaborate to create a comprehensive plan, broken down into manageable pieces for effective execution. Finally, I provide metrics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Let's turn aspirations into actionable strategies.

Are you finding it challenging to maintain the same growth rate as before? Have the methods that previously helped you acquire new clients stopped being effective? Do you desire a more reliable, consistent marketing strategy that provides measurable results?

For businesses seeking to transition from organic growth to dynamic growth, a solid marketing plan is crucial. I'm here to help you make that shift in growing your business.

Unleashing your ideas, crafting strategic plans, and driving action for lasting growth

Transforming business aspirations into tangible success

  • Content marketing strategy, inclusive of content ideation
  • Website review and SEO 
  • Product or service launches or significant marketing initiatives
  • Messaging and copywriting
  • Brand and demand marketing

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“Terri’s thoughtful approach helped us create an easy to use, step-by-step marketing plan that made sense for our not-for-profit organization. It is tailored to our small team and we can adapt it to use for future projects as well.”

"tailored to our small team"

- Lara Williams, Executive Director, Allies of Indiana

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"