Let's face it, marketing is not a fun activity for most business owners. Unfortunately, it often gets relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. Despite knowing its importance, the resources required in terms of time, money, and brainpower don't seem to take priority.

If you've been struggling to find the right marketing resource or strategy, you can finally check it off your to-do list. Gain access to expertise and insights on effective marketing strategies and tactics. Invest your hard-earned dollars into strategies that will help drive your business forward.

Strategy Light will craft a business strategy to meet your specific needs and bring the specialized marketing skill sets to the table to bring it to fruition.

Create an innovative marketing strategy that works for your business.

From solopreneurs to teams of 50, I help small businesses make the most of their marketing dollars by ensuring they have a strategy that works.

Many of the business owners I meet with have unlimited ideas to grow their business. Let's take all those brilliant ideas, assess which will produce the best outcomes and put them into action.
Collaborating with my clients, I help put together a plan, broken down into manageable pieces, so that it is simple and actionable. Let me help you convert those ideas into action!

From many ideas comes the best...


“I am a solopreneur with a business in start-up mode and realized that I needed an organized marketing plan for 2024 to give my business the visibility and revenue boost that it was lacking. I had plenty of ideas for diverse revenue streams but just didn't have the time or the marketing experience to strategize. When I found out that Terri had started her marketing business catering to small businesses and entrepreneurs, I immediately reached out for her assistance. After a couple of solid meetings/ conversations, Terri compiled an actionable and achievable marketing strategy that encompassed all of my business goals in a way that allowed me to focus on delivering to clients AND have weekly milestones for increasing my business's visibility.”

"Actionable and achievable marketing strategy."

- Mary Degner
MJ Degner Photography

"Before Terri, I felt lost in the marketing wilderness, unsure of which direction to take. Terri's marketing audit provided me with much-needed clarity and a roadmap for action.

Now, armed with Terri's insights and actionable steps, I feel confident and ready to tackle my marketing challenges head-on. Terri's guidance has given me a renewed understanding of what I should be focusing on when it comes to marketing. Her approachable style and practical advice have made navigating the ever-changing marketing landscape feel doable.”

"Terri's marketing audit provided me with much-needed clarity."

- Lina Midla

"Strategy Light (Terri) has been an incredible resource and an important part of the successful start-up of my new business, Solely Wine. I was provided a comprehensive marketing strategy and execution guide, containing important "start-up" information, with key dates, notes and action items. Most importantly, Terri helped me to develop my business message and mission, which will be a pivotal part in Solely Wine's success. I could not have been happier with my choice to work with Strategy Light and I look forward to working with Terri in the future!”

"Terri helped me develop my business message and mission."

- Amanda McLaurin, Owner
 Solely Wine

"Developing a marketing plan has always been a pain point for me as a small business owner. I understood the value, but was overwhelmed with the coordination and aspects of developing it. After a few short meetings with Terri, she delivered a marketing strategy that was easy to implement and measure. Every business wants to reach their ideal client and this plan helps articulate the service that I offer.”

"Terri delivered a marketing strategy that was easy to implement and measure"

- Cresta Clawson, Financial Advisor

"Terri is so delightful to work with! She's extremely knowledgeable and proficient. She also takes the time to listen to what your specific business needs are and caters her solutions around what you actually need instead of some cookie-cutter problem solver package that other places try to sell. She cares about small business and it shows!"

"She cares about small business and it shows!"

- John Cannon, Owner
My Car Doc Car Care Clinic

“As a small business owner, we wear so many hats, and many of them don't fit well. That's why partnering with people like Terri is so important. Terri has helped me defeat the overwhelm of "marketing" by helping me create systems that I can repeat over and over to put my business in front of the right people at the right time.  If you are looking for someone to help you organize your marketing and help develop the systems to follow, reach out to Terri! You won't regret it!”

"Reach out to Terri!
You won't regret it!"

- Cynde McInnis, Owner
The Whalemobile


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